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    The founder of Sasha House is Sasha Thanasrivanitchai. His inspiration has been initiated since he finished his bachelor’s degree and joined a real-estate development company. He had a very good opportunity in learning about designing and furnishing accommodations for premium clients. He also continued his study and graduated master’s in civil engineering. He was also a university lecturer in the faculty of civil engineering. From this point, Sasha learned and experienced in researches about material qualifications used in developing and furnishing buildings. These learnings and experiences give him a better and clearer point of view in using materials.

     Sasha has also been inspired in architectural and interior designs. From his study, he found that Thai building designs could be improved to compete with those from other countries. This became the major reason that Sasha initiated his own idea to develop strong and attractive accommodations with reasonable prices for his own customers to have the same house as they dreamed of.

    After that, Sasha started his work in renovating and building houses for customers. His customers were very satisfied with his work and most of them became long-term clients. From his own experiences in several years, he initiated an idea to develop real estates, which one of them currently becomes Sasha House the Boutique Penthouse. This project reflects his idea of building an accommodation and making his guests satisfied with its beauty and convenience.

     One of his constraints was the limited budgets. Sasha has then tried to find the good quality but inexpensive materials, which was definitely a difficult purpose in Thailand. This reason made him move out to find material markets in overseas. It took time for him to survey various factories and developers. However, his attempt made him succeed because he could finally find the high quality and beautiful materials with reasonable prices.